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M35 – CONV BB30/PF30


  • For the OVAL 600 M35 spindle based MTB crank.
  • Forged & machined AL Cups –  Steel cartridge bearings
  • This M35BB only for 73mm MTB BB30/PF30 frames
  • For BB30, PF30 frames.


  • Patent Pending Design
  • “Collet” style non-drive cup expansion for wiggle-free press
  • Non-Drive O-Ring compensates for frame width discrepancies

  • Not for BBRight,BB386EVO, BB86, BB92 frames
  • MTB Guides-ISCG05 Good, ST Mounted Good, ISCG03 Not Good

SKU: 73-6001

Product Description

Bottom Bracket for OVAL 600 M35 MTB crank.   Our patent pending design keeps the cartridge bearings outboard of the frame right on spec for greater rigidity and free of frame/c-clip tolerance issues that other systems deal with.

Simply press in the longer non-drive-cup, then the shorter drive cup threads into it. As the drive cup threads in, our trademark Collet system expands to a precise limit evenly dispersing pressure for a super tight fit. With both cups connected and our collet set exactly to spec, there is no chance the bearings can come out of alignment or wiggle/walk out of the frame. This design also uses a compressible o-ring on the non-drive side cup to compensate for frame shell width discrepancies.

Additional Information

Dimensions 2 x 2 x 4 in
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